Choosing a Contractor

How to choose a contractor that will do a great job.

So you’re looking for a contractor to sand your tired wood floors, Shouldn’t be hard there’s a lot of great floor sanding professionals out there. Just google ‘Floor sanders in my area’
Kapow!! Your search has given millions of results, The top ones on the list being pay per click ads from advertisers, Look only £12 per m2 here, 30 % off there!! All looks very hopeful and the websites you are redirected too are all singing all dancing and say exactly what you want to hear, so book in the one that jumps out at you, right?

Wrong. A great website does not make a great contractor, websites today are usually results of endless canvassing to the trade offering first place slots on google for the most used key words.

I lose count of the times i’ve stopped my machine to pick up a call, to find a geek on the line trying to tell me my web presence could be so much better if my website was done professionally with top seo blah blah blah, i usually abruptly end the call as coming from a print and web design background i’m not hoodwinked into passing hard earned money over to beat all my competition, i prefer a word of mouth advertisement anyway which you only get from producing top work for happy customers, besides i don’t want to be traveling up and down the country to work, i try to stay as local as possible.

Big companies with lots of employees or Franchises, they want that, they need lots of work to give there underpaid staff work daily.

Nothing wrong with expanding your business, but when you offer ridiculously cheap prices and want the best from your staff it’s near impossible and being so big and widespread it’s easy to lose track of what they are up to that day or any day and if they’re unhappy with what they earn, they will not give the customer the best service, they will do enough to get away with it.

Yes i am talking about a couple of companies who’s work i regulary put right, one being a huge franchise, but i will not name and shame, they do enough of that for themselves, they need the web for fresh business in areas where their breaches are yet to be burnt.

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