The Best Solution for filling floorboard gaps

It’s an age old question on everyones lips and difficult to solve,

The problem being floor boards move when walked on, only slightly but a 10 stone man walking across a softwood floor thats 20 mm thick sitting on joists every 14 inches will flex a little also being a natural product it will expand and retract throughout seasonal weather change, it will also shrink if hot pipes run underneath it (which they always do) and if god forbid you have a slight damp problem they will also crown (belly upwards)

Baring these facts in mind, what is the best solution.

The victorians had it right, they used rope, rope in different thicknesses that they shoved tight into the gap, which seeing as it was made of fibers, notgaps filled with rope unlike wood itself, it expanded and retracted, Brilliant, wish you could still get various thicknesses of rope and use that. mind you i doubt my customers would want rope stuffed in the gaps of there lovely finished floors. But it is a thought and probable the best solution, or maybe it would be classed a fire hazard, anyways we are looking at the current solutions.

I think the best way to tackle this subject is to list the solutions & give you the pros and cons of each.

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