Domestic wood floor sanding expert advice

If you’re looking for advice, guidance, help, tip, tricks or information on anything floor sanding and floor treatments, take a look around my website, the sites at its early stages atm but over time i will share all the knowledge that my 20 years working hands on with all types of floors in many environments all over the country with you. If you cannot find what you need on the site, please contact me here, my information is free, i do this because i love real wood floors, and feel if you insist on a diy route at least go into it with an idea of what you have to do and how you will do it.

I can advise you on what tools you will need to hire and what sandpaper grits you will require for the particular floor you will be sanding, i can advise you on the best colouring methods and the ideal finish for what you want to achieve.

This sites a working progress so please check back frequently as i will be updating regulary over the next few months.

Please view the blog for all the advice please

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